Cook with us: PUFF PUFF

Puff puff is a popular fast food in Cameroon and many West African counties. It is made from a simple batter of flour, sugar, yeast and warm water, deep fried until golden brown. The result is a light and fluffy treat with a crispy exterior and soft airy interior. Puff Puff is often served with cooked beans and pap in Cameroon locally referred to as ”BHB”

Ingredients for 5 servings

3 cups all-purpose flour (375 grams)

2 ¼ teaspoons active dry yeast (1 sachet)

2 cups warm water about 500 ml

1 teaspoon salt

½ cup sugar

1 litre vegetable oil (for frying)


Step 1: Mix yeast together with warm water and let it proof. It will look creamy and/or bubbles will form at the top.

Step 2: Add the sugar and salt into the yeast and water mixture and stir well.

Step 3: In a large bowl, mix the yeast mixture and flour into a smooth paste.

Step 4: Cover with a plastic wrap and kitchen towel then let the batter rise in a warm place for about two hours.

Step 5: Heat oil in a medium sized pot or wok on medium high heat for about seven minutes.

Step 6: Turn the heat to medium then grab some of the batter with your hand and drop into oil. It will form a ball (please see the video to see how this is done). Put in enough batter just to fill the pan but not to overcrowd it.

Step 6: When one side turns golden brown, flip to the other side to cook. When the balls are golden brown then they are thoroughly cooked. Remove and drain on paper towel.

Step 7: Enjoy warm with beans or pap.

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