10 offline maintenance jobs which you can find online

Usually when we here of online freelance jobs we immediately think of content creation and writing from a distance; but this is not the case currently. Technology through on-demand apps has now made it possible for the everyday maintenance service to have an ecosystem online. Here are some maintenance and care freelance services which you can request for online in Cameroon.

  1. Electrician: From light installations to complex electrical repairs, there are certified and experienced technicians equipped to handle all your needs with just a booking online
  2. Barber/Hair Stylist: Are you in need of a fresh haircut/Style? Or an experienced barber/hairstylist, you can register your skill as a freelance online. Whether you’re looking for a classic look or something more modern you can book an appointment today with POTOLO
  3. Gardener/Landscaper: Register your skill set or look for a gardener online
  4. Handyman: Working as a jack of all trades with little or no skillset required
  5. Cleaner: With our busy schedules, often times we are not chanced to do our own cleaning. With tech now, you can book for a cleaning service from an online platform. What of people searching for unskilled labour; registering on these sites exposes you cleaning one man business to millions of people.
  6. Nanny: A verified nanny through an organised agency is always a preferable option when searching. If given the chance of that, won’t you take it. You can book for professional and verified Nannies on POTOLO
  7. Plumber: Plumbers to fit and maintain the water systems in your buildings, from the toilets, baths, showers, sinks, washing machines and dishwashers. All available with just an online booking.
  8. Chef/Cook: Personal chefs, industrial chefs, a one stop avenue to locate freelancers
  9. Personal Trainer: Your favourite gym instructor in another location able to get to you.
  10. DJ/Sound Technician: For events, corporate or otherwise, a curated list to select from.

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